I arrived in Treviso, Italy in June, 2003 with little real preparation for my new life with my fiancé Luciano and my future in-laws, who are endlessly amused by my struggle to adapt.

Since then I have been teaching English, learning Italian and trying to fit in-but not too much.

A former workaholic from Berkeley, California I am now experiencing life from a gentler and more enlightened point of view: an Italian one. Since then several of my stories have appeared in books and magazines

As an oft-bewildered outsider in this sweetly soporific land, I began writing stories, one of which appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine.

A former ESL school administrator and instructor, not only do I have an appreciation of the written language, but a healthy respect for the cross-cultural experience.

I am currently compiling a collection of my essays and continue to teach English, study Italian and combine my two cultures.

But not too much.

stories@serenutu.com for your comments and questions

Serena and Luciano sunny self portrait